After so many years building premium home office furniture, we’ve seen trends come and go. But in today’s world of on-demand production, lasting durability is harder to find. We build pieces that stand the test of time, and stand up to your day-to-day demands of work, leisure and family life.

That’s why we’re committed to such high standards in our materials and production. Our Nuform surface application, exclusive to Inscape, is abrasion, heat, fade and stain resistant. The smooth surface and seamless edges make wiping it down a snap, and the bandless design leaves virtually no room for bacteria, fungus or mold to penetrate and linger. 

Plus, our products are FSC(r) Certified, so you can shop knowing your choices come from ethical forestry management. You can breathe easier knowing they are SCS Indoor Advantage Gold Certified for indoor air quality. And you can feel secure that each product meets or exceeds the BIFMA safety and performance standards for furniture products.

Work for tomorrow

The only thing constant in this world is change. For over 130 years at Inscape, we have witnessed significant social and technological transformations that have dramatically impacted how we live and work.

We invest in innovation today to enable our customers to do their best work tomorrow. People are free to work their way, on their terms. Businesses can invest and expand knowing their office won’t hold them back. Anything is possible with Inscape.

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With You For Day Two

We know that business conditions or your office needs won’t stay the same on “Day 2” or “Day 2000”. No one can plan for everything, but you can choose furniture systems and walls that can adapt to anything.

We strive to meet customer needs before they know they need them. Always authentic. Always approachable.

That’s why we design products and services that are focused on what’s coming, so your business can adapt and evolve without investing all over again.

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